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Sit down to a table with your loved ones and dine on our dishes. With a dash of spices here and a measuring of sugar there, our original recipes are something we've been using for years. All of our food is homemade and prepared fresh daily. From ribs to catfish, frogs, stuffed crab, and gumbo, we have all the Southern cooked, buffet-style food you could dream of.

Eat all the Southern food you can dream of

• Catfish Fillets

• Catfish Steaks

• Frog Legs

• Fried Shrimp

• Boiled Shrimp

• BBQ Ribs

• Grilled Chicken


Eat with us

Take care of your Southern food cravings at Abe's Ole Feed House where you'll get great food in a relaxed family atmosphere. That's 28 years of family recipes and Southern-style cooking.

Let us cater for you

We cover all special events.

• Company picnics

• Family reunions

• Class reunions

• Parties

• Weddings

• Fried Chicken

• Alaskan Crab

• Homemade Gumbo

• Stuffed Crab

• Smoked Sausage Links

• Hush Puppies

• Chicken and Dumplings


• Salad Bar

• Onion Rings

• French Fries

• Corn on the Cob

• Baked Beans



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Variety of fried southern food on trays Fried chicken, spare ribs and sausages on a food tray

*Menu is subject to change