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32 years of great food you can enjoy with your family

In the 1920's, the building that Abe's Ole Feed House is in opened as a general store, selling goods to the community. Over 60 years later, Abe's Ole Feed House opened as a restaurant on Dec 5, 1986 to continue serving the community, this time with great food.


After almost 30 years later, we're still serving families good old fashioned Southern food, using the original owner's recipes that have been enjoyed for many years.

Food you can trust

Our menus change seasonally because we always use fresh catches to give you the best seafood dishes.


We have a strong relationship with our seafood suppliers based on years of partnership and trust. Eat what's in season when you eat with us.

See what's in season

Our menu changes frequently to reflect the seafood that's in season. In doing so, you can rest assured that you are always eating fresh food.

For seafood lovers

• Catfish steak

• Alaskan crab

• Stuffed crab

• Fried shrimp

• Boiled shrimp

28 years of great food, original recipes, and Southern cooking.


Salad bar with coleslaw, assorted fruits, pickles and shrimps Freshly cooked stuffed crab in a food tray